Princes can become kings


Dreaming of a great future

Children spend so much time playing and dreaming of what they might be when they grow up: a footballer, a superhero or even a king!

However, for hundreds of children each year, diagnosed with life-threatening blood disorders and blood cancers, the chance to grow up at all is only a dream.

Meet Taio

For three-year-old Taio, this diagnosis is his reality.

Taio's name means ‘born to be happy’ and at DKMS we want to give that meaning back to his family by finding him his perfect match and a second chance at life.

Diagnosed with a rare and aggressive blood disorder aplastic anaemia, Taio’s little world is very restricted, filled with long hospital visits, medical procedures and social isolation. You can help us change this.

Will you give Taio the chance to grow up?

It costs DKMS just £5 to send a swab kit to a potential donor, and £40 to add them to the register. Taio’s family is desperately searching for his perfect match so they can see their little prince grow into a king; £5 could be all it takes to find his lifesaver.

Taio in a green t-shirt

In time for the Coronation weekend, give Taio and hundreds of other children like him a second chance at life by donating today.

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Help raise awareness of the donor register
Cover the cost of a swab kit
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Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant must find their potential donor. Can you help?