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Olive as a baby crawling from a white play tent in the garden
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Hi, my name is Jess,

I am mum to two-year-old Oliver, a beautiful, cheeky, confident little boy, the absolute epitome of love and life. Oliver loves being outside and is so independent; his favourite thing at the moment is picking strawberries in the garden and having lots of cuddles with us.

Oliver with his parents

Oliver suffers from a life-threatening illness called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) and desperately needs a stem cell transplant to save his life.

Oliver was born three months early, so he got off to a very challenging start in life. He stayed in the neonatal unit for 63 days and was eventually diagnosed with DBA at just 10 months old.

Oliver spent so much time in hospital with no family or friends allowed to visit as he was so vulnerable; now our home has become an extension of that. I worry that because I have become a medical mum, he will stop associating me with the cuddles he loves so much. All I want is for him to live a happy life.

Celebrating small things

As a family, we’ve always celebrated the small things. As Oliver was born weighing less than a bag of sugar, his just being here is a milestone for us.

During our journey with Oliver, I have also had the chance to donate my own stem cells to someone: to know that one act from me has potentially saved a life – it’s incredible. You never know if such a diagnosis could be you, your family, or your friends.

Oliver sitting on the ground in woodland
Oliver dressed in pyjamas sitting on a hospital bed
Oliver being held by his father inside an incubator

Looking forward

Oliver’s next birthday is in April. He would love to see the strawberries flowering in the garden and to be playing with us, his family and friends. To run, climb and be free like any other toddler.

He is very resilient, he doesn’t mind going into hospital: there is a play area, and he likes to get the toys out. But the last couple of times he has said he wants to go back home, to go back to Mama’s car. It is a lot for him.

Finding a perfect stem cell match could allow Oliver the chance to return to a carefree childhood. He has a strong personality and even stronger willpower and for everything that he has been through he has shown bravery and courage to be admired. He is a force of nature and I'm so looking forward to seeing the person he becomes.

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