What do the world’s largest network of donor centres and the world’s largest beauty manufacturer have in common? A lot more than you’d think! From a shared belief in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual to an unwillingness to accept no for an answer, DKMS and Coty have long approached their respective missions with similar passion and drive. Both organisations believe that to create true and lasting change, we must disrupt the market and break down the artificial barriers that impede our success. Both organisations know that the true power of humanity lies in the diversity and uniqueness of each individual. Both organisations know that you, the person reading this page, are uniquely beautiful and part of that uniqueness is your innate ability to save a life.

Join DKMS and Coty today in the fight against blood cancer by becoming a potential donor. No matter who you are or where you live, the power to save a life is within you.


Blood cancer does not discriminate, affecting us all regardless of age, race, or location. Support the fight against blood cancer by joining the registry in one of DKMS’s seven locations (US, Germany, UK, Poland, Chile, India and South Africa) or with another registry in case you live in a country where DKMS is not present. Use the links below to find the appropriate donor registry for you. Please be aware that the registration criteria as well as the registration method of the registries may differ.

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Twenty nine years ago, business leader Peter Harf was in the early stages of launching a nonprofit and in need of a corporate partner to help amplify his message. Though Peter’s motivations were born from sorrow, as his wife Mechtild passed away from leukemia, his passion was as great as his ambition: to ensure that no family lost a loved one simply because they could not find a donor. DKMS believed that the only way to achieve this admirable goal was to disrupt the status quo, not accepting any limitations or barriers in their pursuit of success. In this vision, DKMS found a perfect corporate partner in Coty.


Throughout the last three decades, Coty has found a multitude of creative ways to show DKMS support and help us in our mission to ensure a second chance at life for every patient in need. Whether through the organization and promotion of events that add new donors to the registry or through creative product partnerships that provide both financial donations and brand promotion, Coty has proven itself a leader when it comes to finding new ways to give back. With their wide-ranging approach to CSR, Coty is a shining example to other business and organizations of the numerous ways to be involved and make an impact.

Registration events

From their first corporate donor drive in Germany to hosting registration events at their manufacturing centers in the US, Coty has directly helped the DKMS mission by organizing these events for their employees to further educate them on the cause and help interested individuals join the registry. Over the last 29 years over 1,700 Coty employees have registered as potential donors with DKMS, with five going on to give a patient a second chance at life. In their multifaceted approach to supporting the cause, registration events have remained a cornerstone and ensure that employees across all levels of the organization have a way to directly get involved.

Product partnerships

As one of the world’s largest beauty companies, Coty’s product line is extensive and in high demand across the globe. With its unique position, Coty is able to offer DKMS yet another avenue of CSR support that helps to both raise funds and increase awareness for the lifesaving work we are is doing. Whether it’s offering a percentage of sales off of a limited edition nail polish in Poland or donating products for campaign launch events in London, Coty’s flexible and creative approach to cause marketing continues to help bring our message to new audiences.

Corporate sponsorship

While Coty has employed an innovative approach in it’s support of DKMS, it also remains one of our biggest corporate sponsors, providing major financial donations that help to ensure the continued expansion of our lifesaving recruitment efforts. Over the course of our decades long partnership, Coty has helped raise and provide over $10 million to help cover the costs of donor recruitment and help DKMS save more lives. From sponsoring one of our galas to providing campaign related contributions, Coty’s largesse has continued to propel DKMS towards our ultimate goal; to provide a matching donor for every patient in need.

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