Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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#YouveGotItInYou to run a race, bake a cake, raise funds, raise awareness, donate your stem cells…

DKMS is asking what you have it in you to do! There are so many ways you can help to make a difference to those with blood cancer.

You don’t have to be a daredevil, although if you wanted to do a sponsored skydive or swim with sharks, we think you’re very brave! Just as important to us are those who raise money by organising a cake sale at their children’s school, or people who can offer us a small donation.

However, it’s not just extra funds we need, which help us carry out our vital work. Every year there are 2,000 people in the UK who need a blood stem cell transplant from someone outside their family. We need your help to raise awareness of blood cancer and the need for more donors on the blood stem cell register, so that every patient with blood cancer or a blood disorder who needs a transplant can find a matching donor.

If you’re not yet on the stem cell donor register, please consider joining, then asking your friends and family to do so too. You might be the only person in the world who is the right genetic match for a patient who desperately needs a stem cell transplant to give them a second chance of life.

If you are aged between 17 and 55 and in good general health, please register below.

However you choose to get involved, you will be making a huge difference to people living with blood cancer and blood disorders.

Skydiving, selling cakes or signing up to the register – You’ve got it in you!

Help us find more donors
Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant must find their potential donor. Can you help?