When will I hear from DKMS about my swab pack, registration and donor card?

  • Registration request: You’ll receive an email from us shortly after requesting a swab pack. Be sure to check your junk folder, as sometimes they end up there!
  • Swab pack: You should receive your swab pack in the post within four to six working days of registering. If you haven’t received your pack within 10 days, please email and we will send you another one. Please include your full address with your request. Once you’ve returned your swabs, we will email you to let you know that your swabs have arrived.
  • Donor card and personal donor number: It takes approximately six to eight weeks to process your swabs and add you to the DKMS register. When you have been added, we will email you with your digital donor card. On your digital donor card, you will find your personal donor number. Please keep your donor number handy so that if you ever need to contact us, you can quote your donor number and we can quickly access your details.
  • Updating your details: Please update your contact details. If your details - name, address, contact details or registered GP - change during this time it's very important to let us know. If you are identified as a potential match for someone in need, our team will be in touch using the contact details you provided at registration.
  • Keeping in touch: You may receive updates from time to time about the work we are doing.
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