Can I register to donate if I’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine? Can I have a COVID-19 vaccine if I’m about to donate?

Had a Covid-19 vaccine

Yes, you can register. If you are identified as a match for a patient, we will discuss your vaccination status with you before you donate.

About to have a Covid-19 vaccine

We ask our donors to do:

  • PCR tests at their medical and on the day of donation.
  • LFT tests before attending the donation unit (the morning of the medical or donation), before starting GCSF and before the patient starts their treatment. We will remind you when to do this by email or text.
  • We also ask donors doing a BM harvest to do a PCR 72 hours before being admitted.

We no longer need to know a donor's Covid vaccine status but we will ask donors if they have tested positive for Covid 19 in the last six months as this may be clinically relevant.

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