Veer urgently needs a blood stem cell donation

24 October 2019

Can you help three-year-old Veer, from Middlesex, fight a rare blood disorder? Request a swab kit to become a potential blood stem cell donor.

Veer is a cheeky, happy-go-lucky boy, with a fetching hedgehog hairstyle.

But earlier this year, Veer was diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia and his parents were told a blood stem cell donation would be his best hope of survival. Sadly, his five-year-old sister, Suhani, was not a match, so the search began for an unrelated donor. Veer has fanconi anaemiaeer’s Indian heritage means his chances of finding a match are lower than most, because of the low number of ethnic minorities on the register.

Could you be Veer’s, or someone else’s, perfect match?

Request a swab kit and go on standby to save a life like Veer’s.