Update your details

It's important that we can reach you if you're identified as a lifesaving matching donor, so please keep us updated with any changes to your personal details.

If you just need to update us about a change to your contact details, including your name or your GP, you can do this online.

Update details

If your circumstances have changed, we may need to update our records. Please see the options below for the relevant course of action if you are moving abroad, pregnant or have had a change to your health status.

You can also get in touch by calling us on 0208 7475 626.

You must live permanently in the UK or British Islands to be registered with DKMS UK, so if you're moving abroad, we need to know.

If you're moving to a country where DKMS operates we will be able to transfer your registration, with your consent. If you're moving outside of one of these countries, we can advise you on how to continue being a donor after you move.

DKMS currently operates in Germany, Poland, US, Chile, India and South Africa.

Email us with the details of your move so we can update our records.

Moving Abroad

You will not be eligible to donate during and for 6 months after your pregnancy, or during the time in which you are breastfeeding. If you are pregnant please let us know so that we can temporarily deactivate you on our database for the duration of your pregnancy.

We ask that you inform us of your due date; we can then put a temporary block on your donor profile for the duration of your pregnancy and subsequent recovery and/or breastfeeding.

Email us with the details of your pregnancy to enable us to update our records.


Individuals must be in generally good health to donate stem cells, and certain medical conditions can prevent a donation from going ahead.

If you have been diagnosed with a new condition which you think may affect your ability to donate, then please let us know.

Email us with details of your condition and we will let you know if you are able to remain on the blood stem cell register.

New health status