23 July 2018

Blood cancer charities DKMS, Anthony Nolan, NHS Blood and Transplant and the Welsh Blood Service, today launched the report, A committed collaboration - The Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry: Annual Review 2017.

Stem cell register continues to grow

The review highlights the important work undertaken in 2017 by the members and their combined effort to match every patient in need of transplant.

The number of people on the UK stem cell registry now stands at 1.4 million. However, the report underscored the important role played by young men under the age 30, since they account for 69 percent of all UK donors.

Total number of people on register at end of 2017: 1.4 million

Our CEO Stephen Schumacher said: “We are pleased to see the registry grow again in 2017, and proud of DKMS’ significant contribution to this success.

“Our goal as a charity has always been to provide a second chance at life to as many patients as possible.

"This is why we register people up to the age of 55, and focus on increasing the pool of donors so that patients – especially those with rare tissue types – have the best possible chance of finding their potential lifesaver.”

Calls to increase BAME donors

The fifth annual review also identified a small decrease (1.7 percent) in the number of people registering from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups compared to 2016.

However, helping to increase the pool of BAME donors is a pressing concern. DKMS British-Indian blood stem cell donor Hardeep Bains said: “My heritage is Indian as my parents are from Delhi. There should be more Asians on the register because in our community, if we are looking for a donor the chances of finding a match is slim.

“After I donated my blood stem cell I knew it was is one of the most amazing things I’ve done in all my life.”

Hardeep Bains and transplant patient Ritesh Kukreja

How you can help

Your help is urgently needed. If you are between the ages of 17-55 and in good general health you can go on standby to potentially save a life. Check your eligibility and sign up as a potential blood stem cell donor today.