Mother of three becomes donor

1 May 2014

Sarah Cobb was our second blood stem cell donor, having donated on 26 February 2014. Sarah donated her blood stem cells through a peripheral blood stem cell collection at King’s College Hospital. They were given to a seriously ill blood cancer patient who needed a stem cell donation for their survival.

Sarah, a mother of three from the Isle of Wight, registered to become a potential blood stem cell donor in response to the appeal for young blood cancer patient Finley Morris. We had supported the family of Finley Morris, aged 6, in seeking a suitable blood stem cell donor for him in the Autumn of 2013.

Sarah said that she was surprised to get the call from us telling her that she was a tissue type match for someone who was in need of a donation, particularly as it was so soon after registering to become a donor. Being told that she was a tissue-type match for someone seriously ill with blood cancer was an emotional moment for her, and she can still get emotional when she talks about it.

Sarah was very happy to have the opportunity to potentially save a life and immediately phoned her husband to tell him the news. They travelled up to London together for her donation and he was by her side throughout the procedure.

A nurse called to Sarah’s home twice a day for several days prior to her donation in order to provide an injection to promote the production of stem cells in her body. She said that the peripheral blood stem cell collection process was easy, and that it was just like giving blood.

Sarah said that she would encourage others to join the registry as they too could potentially save someone’s life.