DKMS is proud to partner with Gett

30 April 2020


DKMS is proud to announce that we are partnering with Gett, a solution for seamless and stress-free ground travel, to allow our lifesaving donors to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will allow them to benefit from an on-demand black cab service between their home or hotel in London and The London Clinic, so their crucial blood stem cell donations can still take place. Black cabs are built with a plastic barrier between the passenger and the driver and provide the necessary physical distancing, recommended by the UK Government.

Our donors will be provided with travel in London zones 1-3 free of charge, with the cost of travel fully covered for them. As with all expenses incurred as a result of a person donating their blood stem cells through DKMS, this cost is covered by us – but is a hugely beneficial act of generosity at a time when crucial money donations are drastically down as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

How this will work:

The team at DKMS will work with donors to book their taxi to coincide with their arrival in London to ensure a safe and swift journey to the clinic where they will donate their stem cells to a blood cancer patient in urgent need of a transplant.

Caroline Richardson, Head of Fundraising at DKMS said:

"At a time where we are all contemplating our own health, and the health of our loved ones, we can only begin to understand the challenges that people with blood cancer go through every day."

"Also, as an organisation, we want to thank the donors from the bottom of our hearts who are still agreeing to go through with their donations at this difficult and challenging time. There is a continuing need for urgent blood stem cell transplants, and it’s crucial that with the partnership between DKMS and Gett we can continue supporting our donors fulfil our lifesaving duties."

Duncan Burges, CEO at Gett UK:

"It’s extremely important that every company does what it can to help their local communities. We’re proud to partner with DKMS so their donors can safely reach donation centres and continue their life saving work."