John Glen MP donates some of his blood stem cells

28 January 2015

After registering as a potential blood stem cell donor, John Glen, the MP for Salisbury and South Wiltshire, has donated some of his blood stem cells to a patient who needs them for their survival. The collection took place in a London clinic.

John went on standby to save a life at an event that we ran in Parliament in June 2013 with the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Speaking of his donation, John said:

“It is a huge privilege to be asked to donate some of my blood stem cells to someone with a blood cancer who is in desperate need of them. I would encourage everyone in my constituency of Salisbury and throughout the UK to sign up to the Delete Blood Cancer UK register directly (or through their partnership with Love Hope Strength), to go on standby to be a donor one day.

Speaking about the donation, Deirdra Taylor, Director of Communications and Donor Relations at Delete Blood Cancer UK, said:

“Less than half of those in the UK in need of a lifesaving blood stem cell donation find a matching donor. Therefore, the patient who John is donating some of his blood stem cells to today is very lucky that he took a few minutes a year and a half ago to register to donate some of his.

“That patient needs them for their survival and John is likely to be the only person registered who had a matching tissue-type to the patient. It highlights how crucial it is for people register to save a life and that they are made aware that they can give the gift of life that John is giving today.”

How wonderful that taking a few minutes to register and swab a year and a half ago has led to John helping to save a life.

It is the most special gift.