Everton players show their support for Finn

23 March 2015

Everton players meets Finn McEwan, a little boy with an extremely rare condition who is in desperate need of a stem cell donation to save his life.

Finn McEwen, seven, from Litherland, Liverpool has been diagnosed bone marrow failure and now his family is facing a race against time to find someone who can be his blood stem cell matching donor.

His condition, myelodysplastic syndrome, is extremely rare in children and cannot be treated with chemotherapy, so a donation of blood stem cells from someone they don’t know is Finn’s only hope.

His family, including dad Neil, 46, baby sister Seren, 18 months, and brother Lucas, 6, have all been tested to see if they are a match for Finn but sadly are not. Finn now needs a donation of stem cells from an unrelated donor, and within the next six to eight weeks to have the best chance of recovery.

Deirdra Taylor from Delete Blood Cancer UK said: ‘Could you be the one person who could be Finn’s match and donate some blood stem cells to save his life? You really could be the one who registers who could match with Finn. If you do match him or another person, the process to donate blood stem cells is most often just like giving blood. If you don’t register you will never know if you could have been that lifesaving match.’

You can register in just a few minutes online and a simple cheek swab kit will be sent to you. This will enable you to see if you could be a match for Finn or for another person in desperate need of a donation of stem cells, do it now through the Delete Blood Cancer UK website:

Watch Finn meeting the team here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK74PUndHlw