7,000,000 potential blood stem cell donors now recruited by the DKMS global family

16 January 2017

We’re really excited to announce that, together with our colleagues in Germany, Poland and the United States, we have now registered 7 million people as potential blood stem cell donors. This is 7 million people who have gone on standby to save a life. They are all bringing us closer to achieving our mission – to provide a donor for every blood cancer patient in need of a blood stem cell donation. We want to say a huge thanks to each and everyone of you!

Our journey began in Germany in 1991 when Dr. Peter Harf and Prof. Gerhard Ehninger founded DKMS in honour of Harf’s wife, Mechtild, who had sadly lost her battle with blood cancer. In 2013, DKMS UK launched, joining the global DKMS family of four charities. Since our launch we have reached many milestones, including the recent celebration of our 250,000th registered potential donor, here in the UK.

Our donors are inspired to register for a variety of reasons, from attending a recruitment event to reading a patient story, or a chance encounter with one of our ads. Whatever the motivation, we’re extremely proud of all of them, as they have the potential to go on and give someone a second chance at life.

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every year, around 2,000 blood cancer patients are looking for a potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donation.

If you’re feeling inspired by the 7 million potential blood stem cell donors who have registered with us since 1991 and want to register as a potential lifesaver, request a swab kit today. Together we can save more lives.