Friday Media Group staff swab to save a life

26 September 2014

Margot Jaeger donated some of her blood stem cells a few years ago to save the life of a sufferer of blood cancer who needed the donation for their survival. She is now aiming to encourage more people to sign up to the blood stem cell register, so that they could potentially do the same.

Margot works for the Friday Media Group, which was so inspired by her lifesaving story that its own charitable foundation, the Friday Media Group Foundation, invited us to their offices to give people who worked for the Friday Media Group the opportunity to swab to join the registry.

We went along this week to its offices in Sayers Common, West Sussex, to explain the process and register staff members as potential blood stem donors.

There was a great turnout at the event, so it looks like more members of staff of the Friday Media Group will be making lifesaving donations too!