A song for Emma

12 November 2014

Two thousand voices from across the UK are bidding for the Top 40 in an urgent attempt to find a blood stem cell donor for six-year old Emma Whittaker.

Emma has the rare condition Fanconi Anaemia and needs to find a suitable blood stem cell donor by March.

The song, ‘The Rest Of Time’, written and produced by alternative folk duo The Portraits in order to help promote Emma’s donor search, features a choir of 2,000. It is being released to raise funds for Delete Blood Cancer UK, as well as awareness of the blood stem cell registry.

Describing their amazing musical accomplishment, The Portraits’ singer Lorraine Reilly Millington said: “We wanted to create a huge national choir by layering the voices of different crowds we played to and every person that has sung will be credited on the single.

“There are enough people with an interest in its success that reaching the charts is really achievable, and this would make a huge noise for Emma and everyone else searching for a donor!”