The perfect match

Donors with common HLA characteristics

Did we contact you to say your tissue characteristics are far more common than most people's?


To make sure that should the need arise, you are ready to donate as fast as possible, it helps if we know well in advance your current health status and availability.

If a patient urgently needs a blood stem cell transplant, having this information ready can actively speed up donor selection and maybe even save their life.

Completing your health questionnaire

You will have been sent a health questionnaire. Please fill it out and return it to us by email or post.

Your data

We treat all of your data in the strictest confidence.

When the search for a donor is on, we only ever include the health information that is relevant to your eligibility as a donor. This is done in pseudonymised form. This also applies to any information you give us regarding when you will not be available to donate, for instance if you are undergoing surgery or spending time abroad.

Having problems logging in?

Try opening the questionnaire on another device as not all device settings and browsers support it.

If that doesn’t work, it could be because the data that we have stored about you – such as your address – is no longer up to date. Please contact us - we will be happy to check your details.

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