Prepare to donate

Covering your costs as a donor

DKMS will arrange all examinations and treatments before you make your donation. We will organise your travel to and from the hospital collection centre and any accommodation that is needed.

How long you will be absent

Peripheral stem cell collection normally only requires one, or at most two days off for the donation. If you need more leave or sick time, DKMS can arrange a sick note from the collection centre for your employer.

Donating bone marrow from the iliac crest usually requires three days in hospital, admission and discharge days included, followed by up to seven days for appropriate recovery. If needed we can request a sick note from the collection centre to provide to your employer.

Arranging your leave

If you are employed

In our extensive experience, employees requesting leave to donate stem cells are usually greeted with very positive reactions at work. For your medical assessment and donation, DKMS will provide your work with an exemption note with the dates of your appointments.

Sometimes an employer may offer you paid leave of absence so you can donate. If your employer asks you to take unpaid leave for any DKMS appointments, we can reimburse your loss of earnings. If you are taking unpaid leave, we require confirmation in writing from your employer and evidence of your earnings, i.e. a recent payslip.

If you are self-employed

If you are self-employed and need to take time off for any DKMS appointments, we can reimburse your loss of earnings. In order to do this, we will need evidence of your self-employed status and loss of earnings, i.e. UTR number from HMRC and your past sales invoices.

Schools, universities and training centres

We issue exemption certificates for donors to present at their school, university or training centre.

Insurance cover for blood stem cell donors

Besides the statutory accident insurance, we take out additional accident insurance for every donor to cover the surgical procedure and outpatient stem cell collection, as well as travel to and from the collection clinic.

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