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Rachel McDowell, Donor Request Coordinator

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Colin and Falk's story

If Falk had not kept his contact details on the DKMS register up to date, Colin may never have had a second chance at life.

Colin and Falk
Colin and Falk wearing their unique Team Bloodbrothers t-shirts

“I think I’ll always be a part of Falk’s life; I hope we’ll be friends forever.”

If Colin, who is from Scotland, hadn’t needed a stem cell transplant, he’d probably never have met Falk, who lives in Germany. But without Falk, Colin wouldn’t be alive today.

After Colin was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), he was told his only chance at survival was a stem cell donation. Fortunately, Falk was identified by DKMS as a perfect stem cell match for Colin and went on to become his second chance at life.

After a two-year period of anonymity required by the regulation of stem cell donations, the pair arranged to meet in Berlin in February 2020.

Colin describes the moment that they first met: “I simply wanted to hug Falk and tell him how grateful I was.”

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