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DKMS is asking you to join our register as a potential blood stem cell donor.

Poonam, above, donated her blood stem cells to someone with blood cancer. It’s a simple act that has the potential to save a life.

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer. Often, after conventional therapies such as chemotherapy have failed, patients are left needing a blood stem cell donation from someone with a similar genetic background. Many will be in desperate need, and the donation could give them a second chance of life.

A small number are lucky to find a match within their own family, but 75% of people need to search for a selfless stranger, like Poonam, to donate their blood stem cells.

DKMS wants to provide a matching donor for every patient who needs one, and we need more people on our register to do this. DKMS is asking you to join our register as a potential blood stem cell donor.

Registering is simple, click ‘BECOME A DONOR’ below, fill in the form and we’ll send you a home swab kit. Swabbing takes two minutes and could be the first step to giving another person a second chance of life.

Donate or fundraise now

Each registration costs £40. If you are able to donate towards the cost of your registration, we would really appreciate it, as it means we can help more patients in need to find their life-saving match. To donate, or find out more about fundraising, please click the green button.

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