Power by Coffee employee Coral with her Mum
Powered by coffee: boosting the blood stem cell register
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The Story

Powered By Coffee are a WordPress development agency based in London and they have a passion for supporting the things that their team members care about.

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Every year, they sponsor a charity selected by one of their team members. This year, we’re very thankful that Powered By Coffee are supporting DKMS who has been nominated by their Head of Marketing, Coral. Here’s what she has to say about why she nominated us:

"I nominated DKMS as I've been actively supporting their mission to grow the life-saving blood stem cell register since 2015, when my mum was diagnosed with lymphoma. Luckily for me and my family, she has a non-aggressive kind. However, other people just aren't as lucky. So by supporting DKMS through Powered by Coffee, I hope to spread as much awareness of their work, and get people swabbing, whilst raising those all-important funds.”

Donate or Fundraise with Us

It costs us £40 to register a new donor on the UK stem cell registry. As a charity, we rely on monetary donations and funds raised by members of the public such as yourself to help cover this cost. To donate, or find out more about fundraising, please click the green button.

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