Luke: "I'm just happy to wake up in the morning. Anything beats being in a hospital bed."

Become a lifesaver-in-waiting today

What do I have to do?

There are three simple steps:

1. There are a few easy questions for you to answer. We’ll then get a swab pack in the post to you.

2. When you receive your kit, swab the inside of your cheeks (don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes and is much easier than the Covid swabbing we’ve all become used to) and send them back to us.

3. We’ll get your swabs off to the lab and then you’ll join the blood stem cell register.

You’ll stay on the register until your 61st birthday, and if you’re ever identified as a match for someone, we’ll be in touch.

Become a lifesaver-in-waiting today

Help us to register even more lifesavers

We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the register so that everyone who needs a blood stem cell donor can find their match.
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