DKMS Midland's Volunteer Hub leaders

Volunteer Hubs fulfil a vital role in the recruitment of blood stem cell donors at a local level and help bring communities together in the fight against blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Volunteer Hubs are able to flex their creative muscle and organise fun and informative events, using their skills, interests and contacts. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and find others you didn’t even know you had!

Our hubs organise donor recruitment events, fundraising activities, and raise awareness of blood stem cell donation by inspiring people to join the fight against blood cancer. Our hubs and their wonderful volunteers are very special to us because they allow DKMS to help people in need of a blood stem cell donation in regions we may otherwise not be able to reach.



DKMS Volunteering - Organise a registration event

Hosting a donor registration event is fun, easy and rewarding. DKMS will provide training, branded materials and provide you with one point of contact before and after the event. Donor recruitment events can be held as a one off event.

We regularly work with families, colleagues, community organisations and businesses to host engaging donor registration events to recruit potential life savers. We will always let the event organiser know the exciting news that someone who registered at their event has been matched with a person in need of a blood stem cell donation.

Raise Awareness

DKMS Volunteer Kam surgery launch

Volunteers can help raise awareness of DKMS in their local community, ensuring that as many people as possible understand the importance of registering as a potential blood stem cell donor.

Our lovely volunteers come up with a range of different ideas, including distributing our flyers in GP surgeries, libraries, supermarkets, community centres and organising local events.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering. We would provide you with leaflets and training on who we are and the importance of registering.

Personal stories

Robbie Chahal

 DKMS Volunteer Robbie

Robbie Chahal, from our Midlands hub, describes why he volunteers for us and his volunteering journey.

Harriet Southgate

DKMS Volunteer Harriet

Harriet Southgate, from London, describes why she decided to volunteer for us.

Harkamal Ubhi

DKMS Volunteer Harkamal

Harkamal Ubhi, from our Midlands hub, explains why he was inspired to help start a volunteering hub.


"I decided to volunteer for DKMS after a friend approached me to work on donor recruitment events in the West Midlands for his uncle who’d been diagnosed with a blood cancer and was in need of a blood stem cell donation. Myself and a couple of other friends started approaching various places such as universities, festivals and temples asking if we could use their space to register people. We found most people were happy to help and in a few months we had registered several hundred people.

We get a real buzz out of donor recruitment events, the idea that we may have found a potential lifesaver motivates us to keep doing more. We also met lots of different people, including Kam Arora who was also organising events for her sister, Sarbjit Matharu, who needs a blood stem cell donation. We've registered over 2,500 people! Already, one person from an event has been identified as a match. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that someone’s life could now be saved.

We joined forces with Kam and together with other volunteers, we formed the Midlands Volunteer Hub. The best thing about our group is we are now firm friends, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company and the volunteering we participate in. We all have our own strengths and ideas which allows us to create unique events, specific to our interests and our community.

I have many memorable highlights, including being awarded Inspirational Volunteer 2015, organising a dinner and dance fundraising event that raised £10k, and conquering the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge. I wouldn't say I enjoyed the preparation as such, but I was delighted to achieve my goal and complete the challenge in under 12 hours. The money raised and sense of achievement gained certainly helped to justify the blisters, sore muscles and self imposed drinking ban!

Through the volunteering I do, I’ve helped organise donor drives at my work place across various offices in National Grid, roped in other family members and my next target…the neighbours! I’m very passionate about the volunteering I do, knowing that all the money raised goes to register people and everyone who registers could save a life, anywhere in the world."


"I set a New Year's resolution at the start of 2016 to sign up 1000 new potential donors in partnership with DKMS. After my niece Hattie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2014 we have experienced things a family should never have to go through and watching the large number of other families go through it too was devastating.

As a family we started to raise as much awareness as we could in our local community. Friends of the family and local area have supported us by fundraising for Leukaemia Care, Great Ormond Street and DKMS by arranging charity golf days, football matches, marathons, fun runs, and taking part in Go Gold for September. The next stage of raising awareness was encouraging people to get on the register.

I have arranged 6 corporate events so far and was already 930 into my 1000 person target by May!!

I am excited to continue registering potential donors and hope to keep working in partnership with DKMS in the future, as the thought that it might save someone's life and give a family a chance of happiness is invaluable. Knowing that your annual leave days or weekends are going towards such a worthy cause is definitely worth the time!"


"I have been involved with DKMS UK since January 2015, after hearing about Raj Bhuller from a friend. I felt an instant desire to help because, as a result of having lymphoma, my cousin died at a tender age of 20.

I found out how easy it is to help and get people on the donor register, and this was the beginning of a new journey for me. I cannot take any credit for what has been done, it was a team effort with a fantastic group of friends and family, who have all helped to run numerous events at our local places of worship and community centres.

The purpose of all of this is to get more Asian people on the donor register and to also raise awareness, and promote education within the community. "

Kam Arora

DKMS Volunteer Kam

Kam Arora, from our Midlands hub, tells us why she wanted to volunteer and what it means to her.

Jas Singh

DKMS Volunteer Jas

Jas Singh, from our Midlands hub, explains what volunteering means to him.


Wiltshire Hub Leader, Lauren

Lauren, who formed our Wiltshire Volunteer Hub, explains why she chose to do so and what she hopes to achieve through volunteering.


"Hi, I’m Kam and I have been working as a Practice Manager at my husband’s GP practice for the past 11 years.

I got involved with DKMS UK in January 2015, after my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2014. I was put in touch with Robbie Chahal, who was the lead for the donor events in the Midlands, and I have been working with him and a few other volunteers ever since. Our aim is to find potential stem cell donors for people in need of them, and we have covered many Gurdwaras and Indian carnivals, like Vaisakhi. Conducting donor events gives me a real buzz.

As part of the Midlands hub of volunteers, we are looking to target further Asian venues; hopefully universities and sixth forms in the near future. To date, we have still not found a matching donor for my sister, but even if we do the team and I are totally committed to continuing to organise events for the foreseeable future.

After winning a Brummies Award I was truly shocked and humbled that anyone would think I was worthy of such an award. This award is for my team, family and friends, without whom we would not have come so far. Thank you so much for your help and support. I am a very proud Brummie. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for voting for me."


"I work as an independent Management Consultant, which involves engaging with large organisations to develop their IT strategies. However, the buzz I get from working with DKMS UK is second to none! They say the best things in life are free!

I started volunteering for the charity, after a close family friend, Raj Bhuller, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and we started to organise focused campaigns in early 2015 to find him a donor. In addition, another close family friend of mine, Sarbjit Matharu, also teamed up with us as she too was looking for a donor. DKMS UK managed to find a donor for Raj, but we are still pursuing to find Sarbjit and others one too. I sought a cause that I could get ‘hands-on’ with, and DKMS UK fits it perfectly. Others and I are actively saving lives, which is an immense feeling....making a difference!"


"DKMS in Wiltshire is aspiring to sign up as many potential blood stem cell donors as possible! I support this charity in particular because I have experience of blood cancer through family and friends and I like the wider age parameters DKMS offers to potential donors.

I hope that we can help the UK get to 300,000 registered DKMS donors soon and create a vibrant and dynamic hub here in the South West. I’ve already planned a couple of possible events, registering people at a local market and hopefully a fundraiser with the Wildcats in the autumn