Vaughn, father of two received a blood stem cell transplant

Vaughn was urgently seeking a blood stem cell donor to help him beat leukaemia and get back to his family and see his children, 1-year-old Remi and 4-year-old Brienne, grow up. 

In March 2018, Vaughn was pleading: “I was diagnosed in March with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) after falling unwell with chest pains, I was told I needed to start treatment ASAP and began chemotherapy 7 days later!

It has been a whirlwind ever since. With my family being in Bristol and myself in Birmingham until recently, the strain on us all has been immense.

I’m currently completing phase 2 of my chemotherapy in Bristol and have been told I need a blood stem cell transplant. Whilst the doctors are searching the worldwide database there currently isn’t a match for me, so we are desperately urging people from all backgrounds, including the black community, to come forward and register to as potential blood stem cell donors!”

Vaughn is a very social, happy-go-lucky guy who lives in a little seaside town with his fiancé, Jade, and their two young children, when not sailing around the world in the Navy.

Now he has received his transplant, he will be able to return to his previous life, family days out, playing games with his family and relaxing in the garden. His biggest dream, to return to his family, support them and see his children grow up, can now be realised.

Register as a potential blood stem cell donor and encourage your friends to join the registry too.

If you’ve previously registered there’s no need to re-register but please don’t forget to return your swabs if you haven’t done it so we can add you to the registry.