Students vs Blood Cancer

Become a Student Ambassador and volunteer with DKMS to save lives!

What the role involves

Students Vs Blood Cancer Bradford Uni DKMS Society Award Winners

To recruit and manage a team of Donor Recruitment Events volunteers

To take responsibility for your university meetings

To plan and deliver a number of donor recruitment events along with funding initiatives throughout the academic year

To be in regular contact with your DKMS contact

Fortnightly half hour phone conversation or meeting to update DKMS on your progress

To attend the initial Volunteer Induction Training and for annual refresher training thereafter



What you can expect

DKMS Bath Spa Students Vs Blood Cancer

Guidance to ensure all fundraising regulations, charity law and regulations are met and reflect best practice

Digital marketing/social media coaching

An opportunity to feedback on your experience and inform the next generation of Volunteer Donor Recruitment Ambassadors

Priority places at DKMS charity events

A professional reference from an international charity on the successful completion of your projects

For more information, please email:

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Current Student Ambassadors...


DKMS Students Vs Blood Cancer Zainab

"Blood cancers can affect anyone therefore the fight against it should be everyone’s. Unlike many other cancers, blood cancer already has a cure which is stem cell transplants. It is unfortunate that despite this, there are few registered donors which has led to more deaths than necessary. I became a student ambassador for DKMS because I want to raise awareness and increase the number of registered stem cell donors who can potentially help save a life. I hope this cause becomes as important to you as it is to me. Remember... every little helps!"

Zainab – 2nd Year – The University of Bradford


Jone from UEA

''Volunteering for DKMS is a fantastic opportunity that adds value to my life and a direction. After all, I have a chance to contribute to saving lives! I would encourage anyone to volunteer as you don’t have to be an expert. The Charity provides the training, makes sure you feel supported, and if you have any questions or problems they are there to help in any way they can. Just be yourself and if you have a genuine interest in learning and helping blood cancer patients – try volunteering with DKMS to see what it’s all about and how rewarding it is to give your time to make life better for other people”

Jone – UEA


Milly, DKMS Students Ambassador, part of DKMS at the University of Exeter

Since my brother has been diagnosed with Leukaemia, it has become my mission to do everything I can to increase the survival chances amongst people with blood cancer. The amazing work at DKMS increases the amount of people on the stem cell register, and gives a second chance of life to many people, all over the world. Volunteering for DKMS is such a great experience and I am really enjoying working for such a worthwhile organisation. If you want to do something super easy and rewarding today, sign up to become a potential donor or volunteer – you really could make a difference to somebody’s life.

Milly - University of Exeter


Angus from UCL

“'Blood stem cell transplants are well established in treating many forms of blood cancer. Despite the recent advances in healthcare, it is unfortunate that there are still many potentially treatable patients who are waiting for a match. At UCL, we have a strong desire to contribute to the fight against blood cancer and DKMS is the perfect gateway for us to act on our values. Working with DKMS is a highly valuable opportunity which allows us to make a difference and save lives. During our time as student ambassadors, we have developed strong communication and team working skills which allow us to organise events successfully. Furthermore, we have enjoyed the experience of working together towards a common cause as a team and developed strong friendships in the process. The team at DKMS is extremely pleasant to work with and provides excellent support for any issues which we may run into. We strongly recommend volunteering with DKMS during your time in university for an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience.”

Angus – Committee President – UCL


DKMS Students Vs Blood Cancer Lewis

“My friend was diagnosed with Leukaemia, so we started raising money for the Charity and I, along with many others, joined the blood stem cell UK register. After my stem cell donation I didn’t want to stop being involved with the Charity and I realised that University was a great place to get people involved…overall it was a very successful and rewarding experience”   Lewis – Student Union President – Worcester University

How to become a blood stem cell donor with DKMS
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