Treyvon's Search

8-year-old Treyvon has been diagnosed with ALL

Treyvon DKMS

8-year-old Treyvon Ferguson, from Bristol, is a happy, bright and loving little boy who loves riding his bike, eating pizza and hanging out with his friends. In April 2016, Treyvon started to complain of a pain in his leg, which was also causing him to limp. He was taken to A&E and ended up being kept in hospital for further tests. Sadly, on the 12th April, Treyvon’s family received the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

Treatment had been working well, but unfortunately, Treyvon's leukaemia returned in November. Treyvon is now searching for a matching blood stem cell donor to give him the best chance of beating his leukaemia. If you are aged 17-55, you could be a matching donor for Treyvon, or anyone else in need of a blood stem cell donation. Please register today as a potential blood stem cell donor.