Tania urgently needs a blood stem cell donation

About Tania

Tania urgently needs a blood stem cell donation to help her fight acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Can you help? Request a swab kit to register as a potential blood stem cell donor today. 

Tania is almost 30 years old and is in her fourth year as a medical student. In January this year, she received the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia. The diagnosis has meant she has had to drop out of university and put her life on hold. 

Tania's friends and family 

Whilst she has studied AML in her capacity as a medical student, she commented: “I don’t think I ever truly appreciated the impact or how shockingly common this diagnosis seems to be…”

Tania’s partner, Scott, shared: “Tania is someone I love dearly. She has been my closest companion since the day I first came to university six years ago, and is one of the most important people in my life. She's smart, beautiful, dedicated, generous, considerate, and her smile lights up every room she walks into. In short, everyone who knows her would agree - Tania is special. If any of us were in need, she would help us in a heartbeat.” 

Tania's treatment

Tania has started chemotherapy, but her particular kind of AML cannot be treated with chemotherapy alone. She will need a blood stem cell donation, ideally within a few weeks. 

Tania’s Indian descent makes the donor search particularly challenging due to the fewer donors with Southeast Asian ancestry on the stem cell registry. Unfortunately, the registry does not have a match at this time for her, and this is where we need YOUR help.

Request a swab kit to become a potential blood stem cell and go on standby to save a life. For Tania and everyone else in need of a donation.