Tackling First Half Marathon in Memory of Late Husband

25 May 2018

Jacqui Thompson is to take part in her first half marathon in memory of her late husband.

Jacqui will be running in the Dorset’s Casterbridge Half Marathon, on Sunday 27 May, the day before DKMS World Blood Cancer Day.

Jacqui said: “Two years ago I started my running journey by taking part in a couch to 5k. I’ve made some really good friends along the way. We watched the Dorset Marathon last year and I was always getting asked to take part in runs – so I signed up to the run with the hope that they wouldn’t ask me to run another race!”


Running in memory

Jacqui will be running in memory of her late husband, David, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1995. He battled the condition for many years with chemotherapy but lost his fight against blood cancer in February 2002 on his 51st birthday.

The friend who originally asked Jacqui to take part in the event, Vikki, suddenly died last year. The pair first met at the Biggleswade Athletic Club, so there will be 20 other members joining Jacqui to pay tribute to their friend.

Jacqui is running in memory of her late husband David.

Becoming a Lifesaver

Jacqui, along with her daughter Rachel, have both registered as a potential blood stem cell donor and are on standby to become potential lifesavers.

Jacqui said: “If more people were registered it could help save people, like my husband, dying from a blood cancer. That’s why I’m raising money for DKMS to help raise funds to register more blood stem cell donors.

“One friend said I can’t afford to sponsor you so I said please go on the website and order your home swab kit instead and become a potential lifesaver.”

How you can help

To register one potential blood stem cell donor it costs £40. Please support Jacqui in her fundraising mission to help us register more lifesavers.

Anyone between the ages of 17-55 and in good general health can go on standby to potentially save a life. Check your eligibility and sign up as a potential blood stem cell donor today.