Successful event held at Blackpool Victoria Hospital to help save the lives of those with a blood cancer

A very successful event to help save the lives of those with a blood cancer was held at Blackpool Victoria Hospital this week. Huge numbers of people took a few minutes out of their day to swab the inside of their cheeks to register as potential blood stem cell donors with the charity DKMS at the event, while hundreds of pounds was raised for DKMS and the children’s ward at the hospital. The event was organised by Amith and Louise Paramel, a married couple who work as a doctor and nurse at the hospital, and who volunteer for DKMS.

A blood stem cell donation is the only chance of survival for many blood cancer patients who will die if a matching donor isn’t found for them. Sadly, many patients will not find a matching donor. This isn’t because a match doesn’t exist, it’s simply because there aren’t enough people registered as donors. That is why DKMS works to increase the size and diversity of the blood stem cell registry, and why Amith and Louise volunteer for the charity.

Speaking about the event, Amith and Louise said: “We are very pleased with all the support from our local community, family, friends and all those who came together to make this possible. We look forward to continue working with these very worthy charities.”

Praising Amith and Louise on their successful event, Shafia Begam, Head of Volunteering at DKMS, said, “A huge thank you to Amith and Louise for putting their energy, creativity and time into organising this fantastic event. They have raised awareness of the need for more people to register, registered potential blood stem cell donors, and vital funds to register even more. This will help to save lives!”

You can register in five minutes online and request a cheek swab kit that will enable you to do your own tissue test to go on the database to maybe one day become a blood stem cell donor through the DKMS website: