Rajie, from Hertfordshire, fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

We are thrilled to announce the amazing news that little Rajie has found a blood stem cell match.

His family joyously said: “We have found a match for Rajie, words cannot express our gratitude to the donor for this selfless act. 

Rajie, from Hertfordshire, has a beautiful smile as wide as his passion for cricket - and a firm eye on playing for England or the Indian Premier League one day. For him to return to health and achieve his dreams though, he needs a lifesaver.

In November 2017, Rajie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and has been treated with chemotherapy since. He had an early relapse in March 2018 and his best chance now is a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor. 

Harpreet, Rajie’s aunt, shared: “Since the diagnosis, Rajie's life in Hertfordshire, as well as his cricketing aspirations, have been put on hold. Rajie hasn't been able to do all the things he loves, go to school or see his friends and family as he used to.”

As no match has been found for Rajie, the search is on for Rajie - his family have launched a campaign #match4rajie to encourage more people to join the stem cell registry. The campaign has already had an overwhelming response with over 600 people who have registered at drives throughout the UK, but we need your help to give Rajie and other blood cancer patients as much of a chance as possible. 

The process of saving his or someone else’s life could start as simply as registering on this page (and quicker than learning how to wield a cricket bat properly). 

Give hope to Rajie and other people fighting a blood cancer or blood disorder. If you have already registered you don’t need to do it again but spreading the word would be of massive help. 

Please register as a potential blood stem cell donor for Rajie and other patients.