Myla’s fight to win against aplastic anaemia

Four-year-old Myla has been diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia

We are extremely happy to announce that Myla has found a matching blood stem cell donor had her stem cell transplant in early 2018!

Bubbly four-year-old Myla from Sheffield is a big fan of Sheffield Wednesday and loves swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Her biggest dream is to dance with her ballet school at Disneyland Paris. There was a major barrier to Myla’s dream though.

In December 2017, Myla and her family’s lives were rocked following a life-changing discovery. Danielle, Myla’s mum, had noticed some bruising to Myla’s body. After a trip to the hospital little Myla was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia.

The diagnosis meant Myla was unable to do the things she loves, as she had a very weak immune system. Myla’s family was told her best chance of living a longer and healthy life is a bone marrow transplant from a matching blood stem cell donor. To help find a donor for Myla and others in her situation, her parents launched the #MylasFight campaign.

Following the transplantation, Danielle, Myla’s mum, shared in April 2018: “We are so happy she is back home with all of us back together again, she is doing amazingly to say she had her transplant only 5 weeks ago. She has been unbelievably brave throughout it all - we are so proud of her and are so glad to start her road to recovery.

“Thanks to everyone for all the support, the registrations, to DKMS, and the biggest thank you to her donor who has saved her life and ours, they are truly an amazing person.

“We also just want to personally thank DKMS for everything and supporting us through all of this, it’s been such a horrendous painful time for all of us but all the support has been incredible and really helped us get through it.”

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