Myla’s fight to win against aplastic anaemia

Four-year-old Myla has been diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia

Bubbly four-year-old Myla from Sheffield is a big fan of Sheffield Wednesday and loves swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Her biggest dream is to dance with her ballet school at Disneyland Paris. There’s a major barrier to Myla’s dream though.

In December 2017, Myla and her family’s lives were rocked following a life-changing discovery. Danielle, Myla’s mum, had noticed some bruising to Myla’s body. After a trip to the hospital little Myla was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia.

Sadly, since her diagnosis Myla has been unable to do the things she loves, as she has a very weak immune system. Myla’s family has been told her best chance of living a longer and healthy life is a bone marrow transplant from a matching blood stem cell donor.

Danielle and John, Myla’s parents, are urging as many people as possible to register as potential lifesavers – “This could save many people’s lives, not just Myla’s!... It’s easy, quick and simple to register as a potential blood stem cell donor.”

If you’re aged 17-55 and in general good health, please register as a potential lifesaver today. You could be helping Myla, or someone like her, achieve their dream in life!

If you have already registered, you’re currently on standby to give those, like Myla, a second chance of life. However, you can still help by making a money donation in support of the fight against blood cancer as part of Myla’s campaign and by spreading the word amongst family, friends and colleagues. The more people that register as a potential blood stem cell donor the more lives that can potentially be saved.

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