Match for Lara

Lara has now found a matching blood stem cell donor

24 year old Lara was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in December 2015 and was told that she needed a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor to save her life. Sadly, her only brother was not a match. Lara's mixed heritage made it extremely hard to find a matching blood stem cell donor as tissue types are determined by ancestry.

Despite this, Lara has now found a match!

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Lara's appeal went global, with people in countries around the world wanting to help in any way they can.

Her appeal has been covered by American, Australian and Italian news, and Stephen Fry and J.K. Rowling have both tweeted their support.

Lara is currently studying for a masters degree at UCL and is an active humanitarian and volunteer.

She was diagnosed while in Thailand, where she was assisting an Oxford professor with their research.


Lara has found her match, but many more are still searching.

You can register as a potential blood stem cell donor online. Request a swab kit using the button below and wait for yours to arrive. A quick 2 minute cheek swab is all it takes, you can then free-post your swabs back to us and you will be put on the database.