Match 4 Zara

Zara has found her match!

13 year old Zara from Hampshire was diagnosed with myeloid dysplasia two years ago, which was successfully treated by chemotherapy. Sadly, after 18 months in remission, it developed into acute myeloid leukaemia.

Zara was told she needs a blood stem cell donation to get better. As Zara has mixed Arabic and English heritage, it was harder to find a match for her as tissue type is determined by ancestry.

After a massive appeal, Zara has now found a match! Good luck Zara!

Zara said: “Amazing news! I've got a match. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support and that special person for being on the register.”


Zara joined with DKMS in encouraging more people of all backgrounds to register as potential blood stem cell donors.

She says: “Please come forward and register. It’s really easy.”

Other ways to help

Organise a donor drive

To organise a donor drive in your local area, please contact

It costs £40 to register every new donor. By fundraising for us, you can help to register many more people.

Help to register more potential blood stem cell donors by volunteering with DKMS.