Kate needs a match

Kate needs a matching blood stem cell donor

36 year old mother of three, Kate, from Exeter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in October 2015. Kate was also told she has an underlying condition called myloddisplacia, which is causing her leukaemia. She urgently needs a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor to save her life.

If a matching donor is not found for her, she will have to resort to receiving blood stem cells from her 17 year old son who is not a perfect match for her, which is a higher risk procedure than receiving blood stem cells from a perfectly matching donor.

You could be the match Kate, or anyone else in need of a blood stem cell donation, urgently needs. Register now to go on standby to save a life.


Appealing for people to register, Kate says: “There seems to be a lack of knowledge about donating blood stem cells, but it really is a simple and usually pain free thing to do. I know first hand the stress and upset it can cause to a family being diagnosed with a blood cancer and being told that you need a blood stem cell donation."

Adding to this, Kate says: "To be told there is unfortunately not a match for you is very frightening. If I can find a better matched donor my chances to save my life are increased. I'm sure there is a match for everybody out there so we need to get as many people as possible to sign the register, not just for myself but for everyone that is waiting for a match."


You can register as a potential blood stem cell donor online. Request a swab kit using the button below and wait for yours to arrive. A quick 2 minute cheek swab is all it takes, you can then free-post your swabs back to us and you will be on the register.

Register now to help Kate and others like her. It could lead to you giving a second chance of life to someone else.

Other ways to help

Organise a donor drive

To organise a donor drive in your local area, please contact donor@dkms.org.uk

It costs £40 to register every new donor. By fundraising for us, you can help to register many more people.

Help to register more potential blood stem cell donors by volunteering with DKMS.