Henry is battling diamond blackfan anaemia, a rare blood disorder

Little Henry from Essex is relying on regular blood transfusions to survive. Since the first months of his life he has been battling diamond blackfan anaemia, a rare blood disorder. Henry’s family needs your help to change his situation. Henry needs a matching blood stem cell donor. Please take a few minutes to register as a potential donor.

“I am Zoe, Henry’s mum. It’s extremely humbling being reliant on the kindness of strangers to keep your child alive. We’ve found this ever since Henry was born, with him being reliant on blood donors and now he’s relying on the kindness of another stranger to donate their stem cells in the hope it will give him a healthier, happier life.

“As a parent, you wish you had the ability to do that for your own child but sometimes, you just can’t, you have to have faith and hope that someone out there sees your plea for help and throws you a lifeline.

Our life has been like a roller coaster which is set to continue if Henry does not find a matching blood stem cell donor soon. Next to his anaemia, he is apparently the only person in the world to have a faulty myelodysplasia gene too. So it is more likely that he will develop a form of blood cancer.

My little Henry is an extremely happy little chap, although he is suffering a lot. He lives for music and loves playing the piano, guitar and drums. He loves anything that makes noise. Henry makes us all laugh when he’s pretending to conduct orchestras on the TV with his little baton!

All I wish for is my son to grow up and be a healthy child. This is only going to be possible with a blood stem cell transplant! Please register online with DKMS at www.dkms.org.uk/henry and share our story with your friends. Maybe you could save my son’s life!

Thank you very much, Henry’s mum.”

To follow Henry's journey visit Henry's Little Heroes.

If you are already registered as a blood stem cell donor there’s no need to do it again but sharing this post and spreading the word would be of great help too. Thank you!