Help Charlie fight two types of blood cancer

Charlie is a 15-year-old budding musician from Essex fighting two rare types of blood cancer. He needs a blood stem cell donation from a stranger for his best chance to survive.

About Charlie

Charlie had been unwell since July 2017 before receiving the rare diagnosis of both acute myeloid leukaemia and mixed lineage leukaemia this May. Since then, he has fought his way through four rounds of chemotherapy. At present, his only option is a blood stem cell donation but no-one in his family has been found to be a match. 

The effect on the family

“Charlie’s really struggling at the moment. He’s fighting against not one but two types of leukaemia and is currently undergoing his fourth round of chemotherapy. It’s been a physically, mentally and emotionally taxing experience,” said Charlie’s mum, Shelley. 

“He’s so young and has such a bright future ahead. Charlie is his little brother’s hero and we can’t fathom life without him.”

“It’s bigger than all of us though now. Charlie’s only option is to find a matching blood stem cell donor. We haven’t found this special person yet though so we’re urging people from all over the world to register.” 

Charlie has never backed down from a challenge. He even taught himself how to play the drums and guitar. Fighting two types of leukaemia is his biggest challenge yet though and he needs your help. 

How you can help

Could you be the match that Charlie needs? Register as a potential blood stem cell donor today and go on standby to help Charlie or someone just like him.

If you’ve already registered, thank you. You won’t need to re-register but please encourage others to follow in your footsteps.