Hafsa has Fanconi Anaemia and needs a blood stem cell transplant

Hafsa is a happy little 10 year old girl from Luton who has been battling fanconi anaemia since birth. She now needs a blood stem cell transplant but cannot find a match. Register as a potential donor today


Hafsa's diagnosis and treatment for fanconi anaemia 

Hafsa was diagnosed with fanconi anaemia when she was born. So far, her condition has been managed with medical intervention, but it has since gotten worse and she is now relying on a blood stem cell donor. None of her four siblings, or anyone else within her family, was found to be a match.  

Her father, Bilal, discusses how the family feels:

"It’s hard to comprehend that your daughter’s future relies on finding a complete stranger to be her stem cell match. Please, please, please, join the stem cell registry to give my daughter and others on the same journey a chance to survive”

 About Hafsa

Hafsa, is a very polite and cheerful child. Her father, Bilal, proudly describes her as ’a creative and artistic girl, who is also a great fighter’. Despite her medical condition she never ceases to live life to its fullest. She enjoys being the caring big sister for her younger siblings and also loves being the ‘little sister’ when her older siblings are around.

Help Hafsa or someone like her survive 

By signing up to become a potential blood stem cell donor, you could help give Hafsa, or someone like her, a second chance at life. To sign up, head to our registration page you will then receive a home swab test kit which you will need to return in order to become fully regsitered.