Garvie from Dundee, battling acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Little Garvie from Dundee is battling acute myeloid leukaemia. Hayley, his mum, pleads: “We desperately need to find Garvie a match before the blood cancer has a chance to take hold. As a family we were completely distraught with his diagnosis, but things went from bad to worse just after Christmas.”

Since his diagnosis last October, Garvie has been undergoing chemotherapy, however it has failed to put the disease into remission. His best chance of survival now is a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor. Doctors have said his tissue is so rare they haven’t yet been able to find a donor match for him on the registry.

"He will need yet another round of chemo and radiotherapy to get to a level where he is able to receive a blood stem cell donation,” shared Hayley.

 “He is being so brave and he is actually the one who is keeping the rest of us going. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible but it’s really hard. However, Garvie is staying strong, so I feel I have to stay strong for him as well. Every person we get to sign up to the registry gives Garvie a better chance of finding a match.”

You could give this incredible boy a chance to have a long and healthy life, and to enjoy his hobbies – anything to do with football, particularly Dundee United, and fast cars.

Can you help little Garvie or someone like him? Register as a potential blood stem cell donor here.

If you have already registered, there’s no need to do it again but please spread the word and remember to return your swab kit if you haven’t.

On behalf of #TeamGarvie and everyone else in need of a match, thank you!