Four-year-old Ava Stark celebrates reaching 100 days post-transplant

8 March 2017

Ava celebrates reaching 100 days post-stem cell transplant

We are pleased to share that Ava Stark has now reached the 100 day post-transplant milestone! After two matching donors were unable to go ahead with the donation, the appeal to find Ava a third matching blood stem cell donor last October inspired tens of thousands of people to join the UK stem cell registry.

Ava’s mum, Marie, sent this message: “I honestly can't say thank you enough. To everyone who came forward to register. To the people who shared and spoke about Ava. Without everyone we might not be sitting where we are today.

Special thank you to our Hero. You saved my daughter.. you gave her a second chance. You gave her something I couldn’t and for that I will love you forever. You will always be a huge part of our family. We often sit and wonder what you’re like. Hair, eyes, height we just hope that one day we get to say thank you in person....

100 days post transplant and here's to many more.

Love Marie & Ava xxxxxxxx”

Congratulations Ava!