Finn celebrates his two year transplant anniversary!

9 June 2017

The 11 June is an extra special day at DKMS - that's because little Finn from Liverpool is celebrating two years since he received a blood stem cell transplant from his matching donor!

Finn in his football kit

Finn received the transplant in order to treat myelodysplastic syndrome, a blood disorder that is very rare in children.

Finn with his mum, Carole

Two years on, Finn’s mum, Carole, has said:
“Finn recovered well from his transplant in June 2015, but suffered a number of setbacks in the 18 months post transplant - viruses, infections, hospital re-admissions and a scary time last year when he developed a serious complication (AIHA - auto immune haemolytic anaemia) which caused all his levels to plummet and for a time was very problematic to treat. When standard treatments failed to work there was talk of a second transplant being needed, but thankfully an experimental drug, in combination with IV treatments to support his immune system, and then oral immunosuppressant drugs, began to work and he has been stable and back at school for over six months now.

We are hopeful that the immunosuppressants he has needed to take daily since then will soon be stopped, and that he can finally have his central line removed and so can continue his recovery, becoming stronger and more and more active - playing more football with his team, riding his bike and going swimming.

We have recently been able to get away for some short breaks as a family and, thanks to a lot of very kind people and an amazing local charity, we were able to visit and have precious family time together at Centerparcs. Then at Easter, Finn and his younger brother Lucas went to camp in Ireland together. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come.”

Finn with his family

Congratulations Finn, have a fantastic day! Here's to many more celebrations!

Finn's two year transplant anniversary celebrations