Ella-Rose has found her match

Ella-Rose has now found her matching blood stem cell donor

Two and a half year old Ella-Rose lives in Enfield, London, with her mum and dad.

She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in September 2015 and her parents were told that she needs a blood stem cell donation to survive.

As an only-child, Ella-Rose didn't have any siblings who might have been a matching tissue-type. She was therefore dependent on finding a matching donor amongst those who have registered.

Ella-Rose has now found her match! However, many others are still searching for theirs. Register now to become a potential lifesaver.  

Ella-Rose is being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Her parents launched the appeal because they wanted to raise awareness of blood stem cell donation and help save the lives of all those in need of a blood stem cell donation.

Her mum Nicole said: “We are asking everyone to register online as the process is very simple. A cheek swab can save someone’s life. Without a donor we might not have a chance to save Ella-Rose's life. The longer we wait, the weaker she will get.”

Despite Ella-Rose's illness, she is a very happy little girl and loves nothing more than playing with her friends and dressing up. She loves running around, singing, and playing with her grandparent's dog Codey.

Her mum Nicole said: “Ella-Rose has been through more in the last 2 months than most people will endure in a lifetime. She continues to smile but we really need to find a donor for her."


Registering online as a potential blood stem cell donor only takes a few minutes but it could lead to you giving decades to someone else.

Ella-Rose has found her match, but you could end up saving the life of someone else in need of a blood stem cell donation. Please take the time to register, as it could be one of the most important things you ever do