Eight-year-old Michael received a transplant for aplastic anaemia

Eight-year-old Michael was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in May 2018. His family set up a #Match4Michael campaign to raise awareness for people like him who are fighting blood cancer. While he should have been carefree and spending his time playing Xbox games and Lego with his siblings, he wasn't able to do so.

Thankfully for Michael and his family, his sister Charlotte was a match, but this isn't the case for everyone and many rely on an unrelated donor to give them a second chance at life. Tracey said "Charlottes forever our hero for giving Michael her stem cells. Michael says she's now his fave sister!" 

In May this year, Michael's family shared the amazing news that he will be starting back at school this summer!

“Michael's doing really well,” says his mum, Tracey. 

“He's had a few hiccups recently with headaches and dehydration so we are nervous for summer.

“But he's hoping to start back at school in August! It’s awesome, but very scary.” 

Michael’s story has not only inspired people to join the stem cell registry, but also to raise funds for registering potential lifesavers. 

Sainsburys raised a fantastic £2,177 from a series of fundraising activities at their Rosyth store. These included employee Nina Pollock shaving her head, with Michael having the honour of doing the first cut! 

“The sheer amount of support strangers can give to families like mine is incredible,” adds Tracey.

“We don't have a huge circle of family and friends so being supported by people like Nina means the world to us. It's a show of complete love. Nina is an amazing person.”

Join us in wishing Michael the best of luck on his continued road to recovery. 

Help us increase the pool of potential blood stem cell donors and give people like Michael hope of beating their blood cancer or blood disorder. 

Request your registration swab kit today and go on standby to save the life of people who are desperately waiting for their lifesaver.