Your donation can help save lives


Help us to register more lifesavers

It costs us £40 to register just one potential blood stem cell donor. Not everyone who signs up is able to contribute towards this cost, and so we need your help.

Your donation, no matter the size, will allow us to continue to support people facing blood cancer.

Together we can save more lives.

What will your money go to support?

At DKMS, we believe that nobody with a blood cancer or blood disorder should die because they are unable to find a matching blood stem cell donor. We urgently need to raise funds in order to continue our work registering as many people as possible, so that one day a suitable matching donor can be found for everyone with blood cancer or a blood disorder who needs one.

For many children and adults affected by blood cancer, a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor represents their best, and sometimes only, chance of beating this devastating disease. Despite being treatable and potentially curable, blood cancer today remains one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the UK, and leukaemia still claims the lives of more children in the UK than any other disease.

Every gift, no matter the size, will make a difference and every single penny raised will go towards the cost of registering new potential donors.

Other ways to donate

Facebook Fundraisers

Fundraise with Facebook

You can fundraise on behalf of DKMS on Facebook by creating a ‘Fundraiser’ through our page either in support of a patient, in memory of a loved one, for an upcoming fundraising event, birthday, wedding or anything else you could think of. It is that simple!

Give as you Live

Give as you live

Shop through 'Give as you Live', nominate DKMS as your chosen charity and a portion of your spend comes to us. It's really simple and won't cost you any extra. What a great excuse for another pair of shoes!

Payroll Giving

Ebay for Charity

You can donate to DKMS through the Payroll Giving Scheme – your agreed monthly donation amount will be debited from your salary before tax.
Eg: If you chose to donate £10 – the cost to you is £8.
Your company can even match give your monthly donation as part of their CSR.

1. Find out if your place of work has a scheme here

2. If they do, indicate to your HR department how much you would want to donate monthly and nominate DKMS as your chosen charity

3. If not we can help companies implement this simple tax efficient scheme if they aren’t part of Payroll Giving.