Charlie needs a match to beat acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Charlie is a husband and father of four from Essex. In October 2017, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Before his diagnosis, Charlie and his wife held season tickets for West Ham FC but are no longer able to make it to the games. Now, Charlie is in desperate need of a blood stem cell donor to help him survive AML. 

Charlie’s diagnosis with acute myeloid leukemia 

Since his diagnosis in 2017, Charlie has received multiple rounds of chemotherapy and was hospitalized for ten days with a chest infection, pleurisy and myopericarditis. Doctors have said Charlie’s best chance of survival is a stem cell donation.

Charlie’s family

Jenny, Charlie’s wife, said “Although he has been, and is, very unwell and fatigued, he still has the biggest smile and the kindest heart and does his best to endure it and put smiles on everyone’s faces.” 

“He will always find a way to relate to people, whoever they are, whatever their ethnicity, hence everyone at the hospital from the cleaners, porters, phlebotomists, nurses and doctors just love him. The phlebotomists have nicknamed him Cheeky Charlie and the tea lady simply trouble.” 

Help Charlie survive blood cancer

To survive blood cancer, Charlie needs a blood stem cell donor. You can sign up as a blood stem cell donor, and help Charlie, or someone like him, have a second chance at life.