Charity Partnerships

DKMS UK is constantly striving to find the best possible matching donor for every patient in need of a stem cell transplant.
Working with us in achieving this goal are our registration partners – a select group of charities that share the same aims. Each one goes out in to their communities and networks to share the same message and recruit more donors for DKMS. Through these important partnerships, donors have been found and patients have received their life changing transplants.

For more information about each registration partner, please click on the links below.



ACLT is a charity committed to helping provide hope to patients living with blood cancer and other illnesses where a matched donor (stem cell, blood or organ) is required to save a life. ACLT’s work is driven by a belief that no one should die waiting for a donor to become available

Kevin Kawawra Leukaemia Trust (KKLT)


Kevin Kararwa Leukaemia Trust (KKLT) is a charity founded after the death of Kevin Kararwa. Kevin was a charismatic young man who died at the age of 24, after failing to find a matching stem cell donor. KKLT support the fight against leukaemia and other blood cancers by creating awareness and educating BAME communities about leukaemia, stem cell donation and transplant.

Love, Hope, Strength (LHS)

Love, Hope, Strength Foundation (LHSF). Registered as a charity in 2007, LHSF was co-founded by Mike Peters, a two-time cancer survivor and singer in the internationally acclaimed Welsh rock band The Alarm. LHSF work with DKMS to provide donor registration opportunities at their concerts around the UK, as well as through links between our websites.

Race Against Blood Cancer


Race Against Blood Cancer (RABC) is a charity whose aim is to increase the volume and diversity of people who register as potentially life-saving donors.
Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of people from minority groups, which are vastly underrepresented on the donor registry as stem cell or bone marrow donors. RABC works to eliminate barriers to registration such as misconceptions about blood cancer, lack of information and confusion about the sign-up process.

Team Margot

Team Margot Logo

Team Margot campaigns for every individual who is eligible, particularly those of mixed heritage, to register as blood, organ, stem cell and bone marrow donors. The charity does this primarily via the framework of an education programme:, established jointly with NHS Blood and Transplant, aimed at children of primary school-ages.