Can you give me a fighting chance?

Harj - a 25-year-old pro boxer from London is facing his toughest fight yet: leukaemia. He desperately needs a blood stem cell donation. Could you be a potential lifesaver for Harj or someone just like him? 

“Before my diagnosis last year, I was training in Bolton for a fight in Mexico and had been confirmed to fight in the Super Boxing league in India.

“I was becoming increasingly tired and upon returning to London in November my condition deteriorated. I became weak, short of breath and couldn’t stand without support. My gums begun to bleed and I couldn’t walk.

“My sister rushed me to the A&E. We were told if I had arrived any later, it might have been too late.

“The doctors diagnosed me with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. My world was turned upside down. 

“I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy but the doctors have confirmed that I’ll need a blood stem cell donation to fight this. Scarily, no one in my family is a genetic match. 

“Leukaemia has been my toughest opponent to date and I’m now reliant on a total stranger to give me a fighting chance.

“Defeat isn’t in my nature, but I can’t knockout leukaemia on my own. 

“Please, roll up your sleeves and register as a potential blood stem cell donor. You might just be a genetic match for me or for someone else on a similar journey. We’re stronger together.”

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