Camllie received a cord blood transplant to fight acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

"We are pleased to let you know that our daughter, Camllie, has received  a cord blood transplant. A stem cell donor could not be found for her, but we feel lucky to have been able to go for the next best option."

Shilan, Camllie’s dad

It is every parent’s worst nightmare for their young child to have a life-changing disease. Sadly, it is one that Camllie’s parents are going through right now.

Can you help her family by registering as a potential lifesaver? 

3-year-old Camllie is an active child who loves playing with water and spending time outdoors.  only a young child and already fighting for her life. 

She was originally diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in July 2017. After prolonged treatment Camllie went into remission in December only to relapse recently, just after starting nursery. She is back in the hospital and doctors have advised that a blood stem cell donor match is her best chance at recovery.

As none of her family are a suitable match, Camllie is reliant on finding an unrelated donor on the stem cell registry to give her the very best chance of survival.

Her father Shilan’s face lights up as he talks about his sweet daughter: “Camllie is a very active child who loves to play with water, climb and jump in the playground and she likes to watch Peppa Pig on TV.” 

He pleads: “Camllie brings a lot of joy to our lives every day. She needs a transplant to save her life. Please sign up in large numbers. You might be a match for her or someone else in a similar situation. My daughter needs this selfless gift to be the lovely girl that she is.”

Please share this appeal and encourage friends and family to register as potential blood stem cell donors. You can make a difference to this family, and others like them around the globe by registering, or encouraging your friends and family to register. 

Please register as a potential blood stem cell donor for Camllie and other patients.