Calling on Brits to act on good intentions this World Blood Cancer Day

28 May 2019

Over half (56%) of Brits would take a blood stem cell donation from a stranger but only 2% have registered to become a blood stem cell donor themselves.

Every 35 seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with a blood cancer and 80,000 people search globally for a matching donor each year. This World Blood Cancer Day (28 May) we are urging the UK population to make their mark, show solidarity for people with blood cancer and blood disorders and take action.

The act of kindness

Our latest data reveals that us Brits are a generous nation with over half of us volunteering our time for a charity and two thirds making regular donations to charity – yet only 39% of those questioned said they would register to be a blood stem cell donor.

It revealed the top five acts of kindness were:

The psychology behind the thinking

TV Psychologist Emma Kenny supports our latest findings and explains the science behind why we’re more likely to give in some situations then others.

Emma said: “It’s great to see the majority of Brits have so many good intentions – but they need to be acted upon before they can change lives. Most altruism is reactive, we respond compassionately when we see others in pain and in need of help. Without that trigger we are less likely to be altruistic.

“This explains why the results show that Brits act generously when they see a stranger in need in front of them (like holding doors for others or helping someone who is unwell), but when the stimuli is less immediate they are less likely to take action (such as registering as a blood stem cell donor).

“We all need to help raise awareness for the urgent need for more blood stem cell donors. When I learnt how important it was I registered straight away with my husband. The process is simple – register online with DKMS. They post you a home swab kit and it takes a few moments to swab. You can watch the video where I show you how to do it. Please don’t delay – register right now and one day you could do the most altruistic act there is, saving a stranger’s life.”

Make your mark

You can help support the fight against blood cancer by making your mark this World Blood Cancer Day. Find out more about our #WearItRed campaign.

If you are aged 17-55 and in general good health take the first step and become a lifesaver-in-waiting - register for your home swab kit today.