Buckinghamshire cycling coach organizes spinathon to help save the lives of those in need of a blood stem cell donation

A woman from Buckinghamshire is organising a spinathon to raise funds for the charity DKMS. Kaz Pritchard, from Pitsone, is an indoor cycling coach and will be holding the spinathon at Zone Cycle Studio at Pitstone Memorial Hall on the 5th of November. She decided to raise funds for, and awareness of, the blood stem cell donor recruitment charity, after several people from Pitstone needed blood stem cell donations to stay alive.

For many blood cancer and blood disorder patients, a blood stem cell donation is their only chance of survival but many patients in the UK never find the lifesaving blood stem cell donor match they need. DKMS works to improve the chances of those seeking matching donors to save their lives by recruiting potential stem cell donors to increase the pool of donors.

Speaking about why she is supporting DKMS, Kaz said: “We live in a very tightly-knit community in Pitstone and this charity is close to our hearts as we know several people, including children in the village, who have needed to have a blood stem cell donation treatment or are due to receive one.

“We regularly hold mouth swabbing sessions for people to register as potential blood stem cell donors to try and increase the pool of potential donors. So, having started a spin studio in our local village hall recently, I couldn't think of a better way to raise money and awareness of this great charity than holding a spinathon.

"We are running a spin session for three solid hours with ten of our regular spinners, with a different theme for each hour. There will be various items for the riders to wear whilst we work out under disco lighting with both uplifting and motivational music whilst raising money, we plan to have fun. We hope to raise at least £600 but think we can push it further than that, especially as we are holding a mouth swab event just beforehand to try and get family and friends to give up their mouths for a moment. We have loads of support so it proves to be a good day."

Praising Kaz for organising the spinathon to raise funds for DKMS, Shadia Hameed, Community Fundraising Manager at the charity, said: “It is wonderful, and so impressive, that Kaz is doing so much to help blood cancer patients. Not only will the spinathon raise valuable funds for the charity, it will help to raise awareness of the importance of registering as a potential blood stem cell donor.

You can find out more about the work of DKMS at: www.dkms.org.uk