Blackpool Hub

DKMS Blackpool Volunteer Hub

Husband and wife duo Amith and Louise Paramel first became a hub in May 2016. They recently held their very first donor recruitment and fundraising event on July 13th, registering 79 people and raising £2000!

DKMS Blackpool Volunteer Hub Cake

Louise said: "We've been overwhelmed by how generous people have been in donating raffle prizes. It’s lovely how local businesses and the hospital we work at have been so accommodating. We’re hoping to keep some of the prizes for a bigger gala event later in the year."

DKMS Blackpool Volunteer Hub

Louise added: "Don't hesitate when asking for donations/support from the community. We found everyone to be extremely supportive with our event. I think the key when planning any event is to be very well organised & plan in advance. You can never ask for too much, we didn't refuse any donations or help!"

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